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Hera Couture

HERA specializes in ready to wear clothing to custom made

Today Hera offers a much richer concept than the simple advice between client & seller. 3 steps before the final result:

Step 1 : The appointment: these define the needs and desires of the customer

Step 2 : The offer: it is to offer customers designs made in relation to what has been harvested in the first stage.

Step 3 : Measurements: it is to take all necessary measures to realize the design approved by the client in step 2.

HERA Couture

Our collections follow a single line of conduct diversifying as inspirations to seasons to be closer to our customers

The woman as Hera:

Independent and strong and able to take her life while being glamorous & sexy at the same time regardless of the stage of life, it's always time to be beautiful and take care of it.

Put the odds on his side to be unforgettable & this vocation.

We also design bespoke clothing adapting to the desires of our clients.


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